Habitat House #20 Construction Begins

The construction of St. Bernard’s Habitat House #20 named in honor of Caroline Campbell began on March 23rd with the wall-raising. Msgr. Patrick Gaalaas, assisted by Deacon Richard Campbell, blessed the construction site. The family that will own the home when construction is completed is headed by Thang Khual and his wife, Nei Nua. They have 5 children, all of whom are boys. The Khaul family are refugees from Burma, now Myanmar. Two of the boys are students at Holy Family Cathedral School in Tulsa.

Those interested in volunteering to help with the construction of House #20 must register each week they intend to volunteer at www.stbernards.thfh.volunteerhub.com.

Thang Khual, Nei Nua and Children

Thang Khual, Nei Nua and Children

Financial Report

The fiscal year of the Church of Saint Bernard runs from July 1 to June 30. Below is a list of disbursements made by the Peace & Justice Ministry of the parish during the fiscal year which just concluded on June 30, 2018:

Peace & Justice Distributions

July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Financial Assistance
            Rent                                         9,856.88
            Electric                                    5,415.56
            Gas                                           1,367.35
            Water                                          626.79
            Motel rooms/homeless          1,377.44
Day Center for Homeless                 2,450.00
Unbound                                              6,345.00
Catholic Charities
           Thanksgiving meal                12,280.00
            Christmas meal                     10,585.00
            Regular donations                   5,400.00
            Madonna House                      5,400.00
            St. Elizabeth Lodge                 5,400.00
            Sallisaw Helping Center        4,000.00
San Miguel School
            Regular donations                   6,000.00
            Christmas gifts                             672.11
Drexel Academy                                  1,000.00
Crossover Church                                1,000.00
Tulsa Habitat for Humanity
            Donations                                   6,200.00
            House sponsorship                 55,000.00
Stand in the Gap                                    2,000.00
Missionaries of Charity                       3,600.00
Neighbor for Neighbor                          3,600.00
North Tulsa Learning Center               1,800.00
S Peoria Neighborhood Center             1,200.00
Western Neighbors                                 1,200.00
Christian Ministers Alliance                 1,050.00
Caritas Lebanon                                       2,000.00
Go Life Mobile                                          1,000.00
Domestic Violence Intervention            2,400.00
Meals on Wheels                                      3,600.00

TOTAL                                                     $163,826.13

Red Cross Blood Drives

Saint Bernard Church hosts 3 Red Cross blood drives each year on Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. In 2019, blood drives are scheduled for February 24th, June 2nd, and November 3rd. Donors can register at the church or online at redcross.org/give-blood.